PBD: Misadventures of Sweetie Pie - Van Allsburg

Van Allsburg has changed course in his new release - The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie. When I read the reviews on Amazon about how horrible this book was, I had to see for myself. I absolutely love it. But, I also hate hamsters. The story revolves around a girl that gets a pet and doesn't take care of it and it ends up being discarded in a park and other places only to be taken up by another owner. Sounds familiar to me. Many people wrote about how they hate this story. They challenged it as supporting the bad treatment of animals. To that, I would say yes! Children do take poor care of animals and that is what the book is about. Read this to your children and talk with them about this problem, don't skip the book - skip the pet sometimes!


  1. Olá Dr. Frank Serafini! Temos algo bem em comum: nosso nome Serafini. Sou Caticiane Belusso Serafini, brasileira, estudante de mestrado em letras pela Universidade de Passo Fundo, no interior do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Será que há algum parentesco entre o senhor e a família do meu marido, do qual herdei este nome?
    Também sou apaixonada por literatura infantil e sou professora alfabetizadora aqui no Brasil. Gostei muito dos seus livros, do seu site e deste blog.



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