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ReThinking Reading Comprehension

The primary objective of reading is comprehending what is being read. Although reading instruction may focus on other aspects of reading, for example phonemic awareness, vocabulary acquisition, or decoding skills, the goal of with one’s engagement with a text is comprehension. Readers brings to the reading event their cognitive capabilities, purposes for reading, knowledge of language and the world, and prior experiences. Readers draw upon these resources to make sense of the texts they encounter. In addition, other factors play a prominent role in reading comprehension; the text being read, the context of the reading event, both immediate and socio-cultural contexts, and the purpose or goals for reading. Reading does not take place in a vacuum. The author of a text, the context of the reading event and the reasons one reads all play a role in reading comprehension. It was once assumed that reading comprehension was simply a combination of decoding and oral comprehension skills. That