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Best of Frank Serafini: Rethinking Comprehension

I would like teachers to focus their attention on comprehending , not comprehension . Comprehending is an action verb, connoting a process, whereas comprehension is a noun, suggesting a thing or commodity. Too often our instruction, assessments and classroom discussions focus on some amount of knowledge or attribute that can be measured or carried away from a reading event. I would like to see teachers focus on the process of making sense, not simply the residuals of reading. To offer a definition, I see comprehending as a process of actively constructing meaning in transaction with texts in a particular social context . This definition, which was constructed through my own research and experiences, the writings of various reading and literary theorists and reading researchers, including Louise Rosenblatt, Frank Smith, David Pearson, Kathleen McCormick, Allan Luke, and Robert Scholes, will provide the foundation for the lessons contained throughout this book. I believe that reading, na