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Here is a poem I wrote in 1995 that was published in The Reading Teacher - it is about reading. carry me away talk to me of gentler times, even if none exists, for I live in a world of violence. tell me of romantic love, for I live in solitude, with no one at my side. enliven me with stories of courage and spirit, for these days frighten me, and chase away my hope. sweep me to new lands, new places, for the ones I have seen lately are crowded and dirty. sing to me of great heroes and dragons, for the dragons that breathe down my neck are too real, and far too near. lose me in my senses, fill my emotional vacuum, help me to find a world in which living has more grandeur than dying. hold me close in the pages of your warmth. refresh me. let me see anew with the bright eyes of a child. carry me away, cradle me in your hard covers and soft words. rock me gently in your story and reveal to me, the ripples in your heart.