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Picturebooks in the Digital Age

The design, publication, and features of contemporary narrative picturebooks have been impacted by the digital revolution and the emerging popularity of digital reading devices. Digitally produced texts may resemble, in some basic ways their print-based predecessors; however digitally produced picturebook apps provide access to additional features, information, and types of interactivity that print-based texts may not support (Schwebs, 2014). Picturebook apps are sometimes thought of as enhanced versions of print-based picturebooks in that they offer additional content, features, and navigational options not available in printed texts. Readers of digital picturebooks must work through the presentation of a fictional narrative using physical, cognitive, visual, emotional, and embodied capabilities, among others. As picturebook narratives in digital formats evolve and become part of the reading curriculum in more classrooms, picturebook scholars, literacy educators, and classroom teache